Monday, January 30, 2012


I was a vegetarian for years, and when I craved a "meaty" texture I always turned to mushrooms. I used to only cook with them for their flavor and texture, but I've recently learned more about their nutritional value...which is pretty impressive! For starters, they are one of the only natural sources of vitamin D, which is valuable if you live in a foggy city. Mushrooms are also becoming famous for their immune boosting properties, and are often given in pill or tincture form to boost the body's own defense systems. Reishi for example, are being researched for their ability to prevent tumor growth. What's not to love? 
If you want to know more about mushrooms, I recommend stopping by Far West Fungi in the Ferry Building. Their employees are super knowledgeable and helpful, and you can find many wild varietals that aren't usually grown in the U.S. Also, one of my favorite local food bloggers recently posted an entry about truffles that you can find here

 Mushroom and barely soup-recipe after the jump

So, if you're craving that umami mushroom taste tonight you can try one of these recipes. I love making mushroom and barely soup on cold days. Barely has a unique ability of warming you up, and satisfying you when you're craving comfort food.
Or, if you're hosting a dinner party (or wanting to try out your pastry dough skills) you can make this less healthy, but equally delicious mushroom crostata. I made this for New Year's Eve and it went pretty quickly! If you have a favorite mushroom recipe, or if you take mushroom supplements for any reason, please share in the comment box! Happy eating.

The cooling mushroom and pancetta crostata