Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hi East Bay friends. A new clinic in Oakland has recently opened, so if you're in need for an affordable treatment, you should check it out. Or, if you've never been to a community acupuncture clinic, and want to know what it's like, you should view this video.

If you live in San Francisco, check out San Francisco Community Acupuntcure, I currently volunteer there, and we have some brilliant acupuncturists on staff. You can see them for a quarter of the price they charge for private treatments.

Green living-Consumerism, Bill Cunningham, and Keeping It Simple

Kate Bosworth in a timeless yellow blazer-from Pinterest

I'm not alone when I say, I like clothes and gadgets. But I often find myself faced with a conundrum when it comes to buying things. Not only is it that most of the products we buy are made in sweatshops across seas, but tons of water is used making sweaters and computers. If you haven't heard the recent episode of This American Life that got Apple a lot of bad press, you can listen to that here.
Although, sadly,  I can't say that I'm ready to give up my iphone, I think there are things we can do. I have lots of ideas on this subject, and I know you do too, so I hope this will be a recurring theme in my blog so that we can exchange ideas. 
One of the things I do is keep things simple. I find staple/ageless pieces of clothing I can wear to exhaustion. Living in a tiny apartment in San Francisco, it's almost mandatory that I have a limited wardrobe. 
There's no one I've seen who does this better than Bill Cunningham. Have you seen the documentary Bill Cunningham's New York yet? He is inspirational for SO many reasons. This documentary touched me so much that I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I saw it in the theaters last year. If you haven't seen it yet it is currently streaming on instant watch on Netflix.
It's incredible how he is able to devote his life to fashion (which he obviously loves) but doesn't let the consumerism of it sway him from his simple life. There are many lessons to be learned in this film, and I  know you'll fall in love with him if you haven't already.

Have you seen it already? What did you think? How do you keep it simple in your life?