Monday, March 5, 2012

More is More

About a month ago, I wrote a post about Green Living and Bill Cunningham's New York, and how I am inspired by Bill's very simple, waste-not-want-not lifestyle. However, I am also convinced that being "green" does not have to mean living with less! 
Some friends and I went to the Alameda flee market this weekend to score some old treasures.   
Finding what you need via thrifting and flee markets not only keeps things out of landfills,  but it's also extremely satisfying.  Here are some photos of our trip:

My good friend and fellow blogger, Lisa of lalafauxbois, is a great example of someone who colors her life with forgotten treasures. She often posts about her thrift store scores, and they are quite inspiring to see. Lisa is also a gifted knitter, crafter, and outfit ensemblist (I just made that word up, but you'll understand if you check out her blog).  Check out her latest thrifting finds here
Lisa of lalafauxbois (taken from lalafauxbois)