Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter weekend

(picture from annie's-eats)

Hello. Sorry I have been absent the last two weeks. I've been on school break and did some traveling (pictures to come). I also will be working to change the layout of this blog before creating new posts, so hang in should be worth the wait.

This weekend is Easter Sunday. My mom always made a fun day of it with the traditional egg dying, followed by  a hunt, candy baskets, and Easter dinner. Even without family around, or kids of my own, I still enjoy dying eggs and making a festive dinner. This weekend, however, we are very excited to be attending a our friend's wedding in Scottsdale, so Easter traditions will have to wait.

If you're feeling festive this year, I have found a couple sites with some good Easter egg projects. This first one is from annies-eats, she teaches you how to dye Easter eggs using fruits and veggies. If you're feeling extra crafty, this project is so cute and looks like a lot of fun!