Friday, February 17, 2012

Recipe: Mung Beans

I wish these little beans weren't so hard to find in a "regular" grocery store, because they are seriously awesome. Mung beans are used in Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices for detoxing the body. They are sweet, easily digestible, and versatile. Last night, I made this mung bean and butternut squash stew that was once featured on one of Food 52's recipe contests. It's both sweet and spicy, and the perfect recipe for transitioning from winter to spring. The ginger and other spices make the recipe feel warm and satisfying, but it is also light and easily digested. It made 6 servings, so I froze the rest to have again on a night I don't have time to cook. I served it with warm naan bread that I bought from Trader Joe's. Also, this recipe also gives you and opportunity to use that coconut milk you made.
I love all of the colorful veggies in this stew

 If you find whole mung beans, you can soak them the night before you make this stew. I buy them at Rainbow Grocery, they are labeled under mung daal in the bulk section. You can find this recipe here
Happy Friday!