Monday, February 6, 2012

5 granola-ish things to do for Valentine's Day

I have mixed feeling about this holiday. I'm a little annoyed by the pressure couples feel to impress each other, and how single people all of a sudden get down on themselves. Nevertheless, I always find myself participating one way or another. So I wanted to share some Granola-ish ways to I like to celebrate.

1. Skip going out to dinner if at all possible! Instead, make this rendition of Vegetarian Pot Pie. I made this last year for Valentine's Day after I was inspired by the post on Big Girls, Small Kitchen. I liked the idea so much that I always make pot pies this way. It's adorable, and you end up eating MUCH less crust. I love the recipe these girls put together, it's an upgrade on the classic. However, I love to play around with pot pie recipes and end up making it a little differently each time.

2. Save some of the veggies (raw) you used to make your pot pie and eat them with this beet hummus to share at the office or with friends. Use the heart shaped cookie cutter you needed for the pot pie recipe, and make heart shaped pita bread.

3. I'm definitely going to try and do this DIY project I saw on Honestly... WTF, I love elbow patches.

4. Homemade cards are the best. I usually make the children's type to bring back the nostalgia of Valentine's day in elementary school (and they are compatible with my DIY skills), however this one I found via Pinterest really impressed me! 

5. Lastly, make the day an excuse to give your sweetheart a massage. I recommend a foot massage, and when your fingers get tired, use this technique Shiatsu technique I learned in school. Ease into it though, elbows can be pretty intense!

***Bonus- you can listen to this animal collective song that I love, and think is very romantic.