Monday, February 20, 2012


I got a gift in the mail last week from my Dad, and I thought I would share! My Dad loves shopping on Ebay, mostly for golf clubs, but he recently scored these mid-rise Chuck Taylor All Stars for me.
He started looking into buying vintage versions of the shoes after he found out they are no longer made in the U.S. You might remember when Nike bought out Converse in 2003, and they started producing them in China. Turns out, many people still care about this, and buying USA manufactured "Chuck's" these days is hard to do. 

I love the classic look of these shoes, and although I've been through quite a few pairs (especially when I was a server), I wouldn't be surprised if these are my first American made pair. 

Did you know that Charles "Chuck" Hollis Taylor started wearing these shoes to basketball practice in 1912, then got a job with Converse in 1921 and improved the shoe. One of the things he added to the shoe was the iconic patch on the side, which was actually put there for ankle protection. A couple years later, Converse incorporated this name on the patch of the shoe, and Chuck spent years driving a white Cadillac across country with a bunch of All Stars in the trunk making the shoe what it is today!

This is how I wore them. 

Which kind do you sport? I would love if you sent a link for a picture of you in yours! 

 My Dad in his Chuck's outside my apartment (they spelled the street name wrong in the cement:)