Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hey, be nice!

Are you kicking your own butt? Many people I know are working on improving their heath, and often I see my family and friends punish themselves, or get frustrated when they don't succeed or stay on track. Whether it is sticking to your diet, cooking more meals at home, exercising, or whatever it is, we must understand that it is a lifelong process. Life gets crazy sometimes, and things WILL get in the way. So be gentle with yourself when it doesn't go as planned. Treat yourself how you would want others to treat you.
Have you ever considered what it is that your doing doesn't serve you? For example, I used to run. I would make plans to wake up early in the morning and work on my mileage. I dreaded it, and every few weeks I would quit, and then I would feel awful about it. My Dad even thought my running habit was crazy. He would say," If you see a Root running, you better run too, because something is chasing him."  One day I finally realized he was right, and I quit. After that the guilty feelings I had subsided, and I noticed it left more room in my life for other things I liked to do.
I'm not suggesting you should quit exercising if you don't like it, but maybe try yoga, or swimming, walking, etc. Spend more time doing the things you like, and you'll probably be more successful.

*Listen to this if you ever need a reminder to be nicer to yourself.

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